Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When I fell in Love....

With Makeup... I remember it like it was yesterday!


My grandmother and I when to A&S or Macy's shopping when she stopped at the Fashion Fair counter to pickup a lipstick and some other things. I remember her trying on lipsticks and the sales woman asking me what color did I like on her. When I answered, she said "Well that's a great choice, you should do makeup!" Of course she was being because I was seven at the time but it stuck with me to this very day.

When we were done, my grandmother give me a lipstick out of a gift bag she received. It was a dark purple Fashion Fair lipstick in the Pink case like the one in the image above and I loved it! I would wear it around the house and felt so special when i wore it. I still have it in my first makeup bag but it smells like crayons.

And that is when I become a makeup junkie....

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